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So I have been reading articles about African Americans being at higher rates for dying of Covid. I just read that Lincoln county Oregon wanted to excuse Black people from wearing masks as they were afraid it would cause more suspicion and racial profiling. They later retracted that statement as it states here in this CNN article

The disparities in life that cause Black people to have higher rates of the diseases that increase your risk of dying from covid, such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, are attributable to zip code It is the fact that they live largely urban environments of high stress, low access to grocery stores or farmers markets to get fresh food, and clean water (Flint), and nearness of their neighborhoods to factory pollution. This has nothing to do with culture but more about unfair housing, unfair job markets, racist urban planning – systemic racism.

I also was just speaking to someone else who works in the medical industry about medical racism. How the medical schools do not teach how different diseases and illnesses present between light skin and dark skin. The medical establishment has been for white men’s health. For years we as women did not know the heart attack signs because the tests were only done on men.

The same thing is happening in regards to race, the medical establishment only has white medical dummies and white skinned photographs in dermatology schoolbooks, nurses and doctors train to withdraw blood from white skinned people whom you can see the veins through the skin. I have had incidents when taking my child to the hospital, the nurses had no idea how to withdraw blood nor insert an I.V. in my African American son, so they put him through three nurses and horrible pain before they got it right, meanwhile kicking me out of the room as I was going to grab that nurse off my son.

How many women I have known who have been darker skinned, operated on without much pain reliever in the same situation that a white woman would be put under. The medical industry still believes that brown and black people can’t feel pain to the degree that whites can. Do the doctors believe that they are stronger? Or do the doctors just not care about their brown and black patients because of racism?

What are your experiences?

I believe we should be contacting hospital boards, universities and congress to mandate the medical establishment and hospitals to train medical students on every color and gender and to rid the institution of racism and bias. I think that if it is shown that a medical professional is racist they should lose their medical license.  Write letters to the top medical universities and put pressure on them to change. Start with University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University.

Also you can sign this petition on

Here is further reading on this very subject:

Racism geared toward POC doctors:

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