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Criminalization in education and the workforce. What does it mean to educate oneself or our children? Define what that looks like. Does it have to look like desks aligned in rows facing front with a lecture format? Does it look like we have kids and adults on camera and microphone the entire day to be …

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“We gotta keep ’em separated” – The 1%

Racism, classism, political divide, getting neighbor to fight neighbor for economic scraps does what? It keeps your population from fighting you the 1%, the kings, queens, dictators, nation states, and the super rich. We need unity more than ever. We need to realize our power as people. We need to realize the distraction that is …

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Choosing between Empire and Dictatorship

I voted absentee ballot this week. I wish this nation had more choices. Unfortunately, I do not believe I will see more parties in my lifetime, nor a shake up of how we do things in our country on a political scale. I have been thinking about a Earth party that stands for something real, …

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