Storyteller Woman



Mondageesokwe ndizhnikaaz Makwa ndodem,  Odawa miinawa Ojibwe miinawa Bodewaadamie Anishinaabekwe miinawa Irish ndaw.  Iwidi Gaa-baagwaajiwani ziibiwing ndoonjibaa,  Ben ninabem izhinikaazo. Niijaanisag Arthur miinawa foster ndaunis.

Mondageesokwe is my name, I am bear clan, an Odawa, Ojibwe, Pottawatomie Indian woman and Irish is who I am.  Over there by the Flat River is where I am from,  Ben is my husband’s name. Ben and I have been friends for years and we married in 2010. I am a foster and adoptive mom, we have one son and currently one foster daughter.

I am a culture bearer, an artist and craftsperson, singer and hand drummer and musician – Native drum, Irish bodhran, bongos, djembe, rattles, bells, sticks. I also play piano, used to play some sweet alto saxophone, kalimba, harmonica, flutes of various kinds, ocarina currently learning uke and guitarlele.

I also am one of the original members of the Wabanaisee (Snowbird) Singers from Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

I have a collegiate background in Sociology and American Indian Studies.

I heart: Politics, History, Social Justice, Native American Treaty Rights and Law, Native American Rights, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, Reading, Music: listening – Singing – Drumming, Beadwork, Black Ash Baskets, Art – Woodland style / and artful Tattoos, gardening, gathering and family.

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