Storyteller Woman

Racism, classism, political divide, getting neighbor to fight neighbor for economic scraps does what? It keeps your population from fighting you the 1%, the kings, queens, dictators, nation states, and the super rich. We need unity more than ever. We need to realize our power as people. We need to realize the distraction that is being handed to us on a silver platter. As an indigenous person this plan sticks out so familiar and easy to see, because the 1% used it on my people before, it is how they got this land and founded this nation state: DIVIDE and CONQUER.

If one has not learned their history lessons one would not recognize what is happening right now. But to those people who do know history can recognize the signposts. Every. Sign.

We need to collect ourselves into one human group: across the aisle, across racial and economic lines that are drawn on a map. We need to stand up and say we will be your pawns no more. We need to change this world to benefit all people for the next 7 generations. We can do this. Save ourselves. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. And for goodness sakes. VOTE. while you still can. Vote your ballots, vote with your choices, and your wallets. VOTE.

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