Storyteller Woman

I voted absentee ballot this week. I wish this nation had more choices. Unfortunately, I do not believe I will see more parties in my lifetime, nor a shake up of how we do things in our country on a political scale. I have been thinking about a Earth party that stands for something real, for all the life on this planet. A party that believes we make enough food and shelter for everyone to have equally, worldwide. That we could be living in a Star trek planet, one that values all human, animal, plant, and insect life equally. One without the manipulation and rats we have in our current state. A One Earth party that values the short time we have here on this blue ball, and one that would protect, nourish, and sustain it for the next 7 generations. Why do we humans have to make each other suffer?

I chose to vote for my kids, for the women in my family, for those who do not have equality, even though it meant that it is likely the military will continue with its big budgets. Because to choose fascism would hurt and or kill untold populations here and abroad, and effect POC more than any other group.

I believe we the people need to demand that our schools change. We need to teach history, civics, sociology, and psychology to everyone. I do not believe we could have gotten here without the changes that happened in our education system in these past decades. The teaching to the tests fundamentally changed how our children think. They do not think logically, critically, nor creatively anymore, they only know how to take standardized tests. The teaching to the tests, and underfunding schools across this nation has led to the dumbing down of our country. When people are not educated they are easier to control.

Along with education, we talk a good game about how families are important, but we have a society that chants “work hard / play hard” “working 24/7 and make the idea of constant busyness a virtue. We keep parents busy working more hours than any other country on this planet why? Control. We keep working for the rich people making, marketing and advertising the things, they are selling that we in turn have to buy because of our throw away consumer culture. If we are not doing that we are working in the industries that pick up the pieces of those lives when the American dream myth fails. When it does fail the citizenry has to turn to medical, social work, psychiatry, non profits, and other industries to help them pick up their lives. Sometimes they never are able to get back what was lost and live in the streets or die trying.

Our society is at the point where we need to change or go extinct. Humans were not meant to live in isolation, nor in nuclear groups. We were meant to crave community, to be with our families daily working together, not spending 80%of our lives outside the home working with strangers. Humans were not meant to let others raise our children or take care of our elders. The mental health status of humans in this historical time is horrifying. The damage we have done to one another, living in this disconnected way is killing us and many other species on earth. We need to change now. We do not have time to mull it over for a few more political cycles. We need to turn to local groups, build community and jobs remotely. We can let the robots do the manufacturing and other hard labor jobs. Let humans learn to be creative and live in their communities again. Let humans be able to spend time with their families. Restructure society to realize our real human potential. Heal the wounds.

How do you think we humans could make things better? How about restructuring education and work? Please leave your comments below! Together we can rebuild a beautiful world.

Leave a comment and let us all know what ideas you have for a new path. 🙂

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