Storyteller Woman

The Right has been trying to defund and destroy our societal institutions in this country for several decades. The GOP play the long game. The right have instituted economic practices to underhandedly destroy the public school system by chronically under funding K-12 Education and colleges and universities. Which in turn make the public schooling worse and cause parents not to want to send their kids there or pay taxes or raise mileages for their own districts. Colleges and universities tuition rates have skyrocketed while the amount of student loan debt has crippled two generations of students who cannot even afford to buy houses or cars and think twice about marriage and kids. Under funding schools and making college unaffordable helps to dumb down the American citizens making an ignorant population easier to control with media and internet channels keeping them occupied. If the citizens don’t understand their place in the game it is easier to change the game without them noticing. The GOP have for years promoted union busting and “Right to Work” policies in the many states of this nation to lower the wages of everyone across the board. The right have made working hard 24/7, being “busier” and multitasking popular and encouraged values in society. This is the best set up if you want to hire one person to do three jobs for 1/2 the pay and also steal wages from them at the same time by making them afraid to lose their job if they do not continue to work “off the clock”. In addition, the Right argued for stripping people of pensions and good benefits (employer paid health insurance) and invested in the for profit health insurance and pharmaceutical business. They chipped away at laws put in place that protected the middle class finally killing it altogether..

In the late 1970s and early 1980s they lobbied to shut down the mental health services in this country, and shuttered hundreds of mental health hospitals. At the same time they were planting the seeds of the for-profit prison pipeline. Oh I should mention that those broken underfunded schools also feed the school to prison pipeline.

I am sure that I have learned how capitalism works. In order for capitalism to survive it has to constantly expand. Well we are in every country, have outsourced manufacturing and natural resource generation out of our country to other poor countries who barely pay their workers wages. There are not many more ways for capitalism to expand… except by squeezing every last drop of sweat and penny from the workers they already have. Then what GOP? When all of the worlds wealth is held in 5 hands capitalism will die like all of the workers you have worked to death, What is the point>? Oh yes well there was a study a while ago about the correlation in lack of empathy to the amount of wealth you hold… the more wealth the less empathy. The GOP is not a party of the middle class small business people in this country, it is the party of five billionaires, and is an enemy to our democratic republic and its citizens.

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