Storyteller Woman

So I have been reading the news because my dang phone beeps and alerts me every time there is a major story from the AP news wire. The latest this week and most jarring story is that 45 is floating the idea of delaying the election. Well, no one at this point is surprised since the media in one form or another has been prepping us for months that he would try this. I will not be surprised of election tampering or if he doesn’t do that, trying to strong arm his way to stay in office with his Blackwater personal paramilitary and KKK / Nazi follower regime. I do know that his actions are hitting my family directly because his cronies have cut hours and overtime at the USPS. They are laying the road to a cascading postal collapse to happen prior to the election, so that it will look like the post office cannot handle a mail-in vote initiative. 45 is so scared that he won’t win he is trying to undo a pillar of our democracy – that of a peoples post, our national mail network, and undermine our right to vote any way he can, up to and including, not trying to do anything about the current pandemic so the numbers are so sky high by November people won’t come out to vote.

I recently got a call for a political survey asking me what should the next democratic president focus on for his first year of office. I was thinking are so many things to undo. First reinstate the voter rights act so that everyone has the ability to vote. Ban any party from tampering in any way with citizens right and duty to vote via gerrymandering, poll tax, poll tests, voter suppression or closing poll locations. Then, and only then, can we get on with the miles long list of repairs that need to be done, What are your top ten repairs you think should be handled first? – Leave a comment below.

It is very surreal, watching history repeat itself, and the power I hold is in marking dots on a ballot, calling my representatives, not being silent, and putting boots to the street in protest. Now, I am turning off my news notifications because I know how the titanic hits the iceberg, What we all want to know is the final chapter in November. Stay calm and keep voting. Resist…

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